Week 15: 10/06/2016

While scrolling through my WordPress Reader trying to look for some inspiration for my final blog posts, I came across Ashley’s blog post on “Class Dojo“. My initial thoughts were ‘What is a class dojo?’This sparked my curiosity to find out what this app was and what it could do. Moreover, I found that this app was used as a behaviour management tool for the classroom. Each student has a profile, complete with their own avatar, to which the teacher can assign positive and negative points (or “Dojos”) throughout the lesson (Buchanan, 2013).

For more information click HERE or watch this video which is found HERE.

Overall, I would be really interested to see how this app works in the classroom to control the behaviour difficulties. (The best part is that this app is FREE!!!)




(Bunchanan, S. (2013). An apprehensive teacher’s guide to … ClassDojo. Retrieved June 10, 2016, from  http://www.theguardian.com/teacher-network/teacher-blog/2013/nov/28/teacher-guide-classdojo-behaviour-management )




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