Week 8: 26/04/2016

Yayyyy!! So I have finally finished my EDX2190 (after all the second-guessing), which means that I can now spend the rest of my time on this assignment. I found it quite hard to get back into the swing of blogging and completing the learning path activities, however, while I was scrolling through my WordPress reader I came across Jess’s blog post on “Incorporating ICT in the lesson plan” she talked about 5 different ICT platforms which she believed would be beneficial. I found this quite helpful as I was looking for some ICT resources I can implement within my three learning experiences. Here is the link to the 5 different ICT platforms for those of you who are still on the hunt for ICT resources to incorporate within your lesson plans.


One thought on “Week 8: 26/04/2016

  1. Hi Nicole,
    Thanks for sharing. I have reposted your blog so that I can have access to the link you provided to the article “Tools for plugging ICT into any lesson: my top five resources”


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