Week 6: 9/04/2016

As the holidays come to an end (Hahaha what holidays?),  we look forward towards Module 2, in particular,  Assignment 2 which is a unit plan aimed at incorporating ICTs to enhance and transform students learning. I have started Assignment 2 in selecting my two content descriptors from “Constructing knowledge” and “Transforming knowledge”.

These are my Year 5 content descriptors which I have selected:

  • “Constructing knowledge” – The impact of bushfires or floods on environments and communities, and how people can respond (ACHASSK114).
  • “Transforming knowledge”– Present ideas, findings, viewpoints and conclusions in a range of texts and modes that incorporate source materials, digital and non-digital representations and discipline-specific terms and conventions (ACHASSI105) and/or Organize and represent data in a range of formats including tables, graphs and large- and small-scale maps, using discipline-appropriate conventions (ACHASSI096).

I have not yet made up my mind on which of the “Transforming knowledge” descriptor to use. While scrolling through my WordPress reader, I came across Kelly’s blog post on “constructing and transforming”. I noticed that she tends to overthink absolutely everything, I can completely relate to her as I am always overthinking everything, and I tend to always second guess myself (thus making my assignments twice as long).

Overall, I hope everyone is having a blast with just a few days left of the holidays.


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