Week 3: 14/03/16

This weeks learning path started with a quiz on “Is digital technologies making us anti-social ?” My answer was true, digital technologies is definitely making us anti-social for example, my younger brother decided to have a sleepover party for his birthday, however throughout the night I noticed that they were all sitting on the mattresses playing on their digital devices instead of interacting with one another. I was quite shocked, as when I was his age I didn’t have the same amount of digital technologies they have now and I still had the best time at sleepovers. However, I do agree with Chole’s post on how digital technologies used appropriately within the home and school environment are beneficial for students. This is due to the fact that children are growing up around digital technologies and therefore need to develop the skills to successfully use these devices. learning as they are growing up around digital technologies. Overall, I believe digital technologies are making us anti-social even if it is beneficial for students learning.

I found this article on “Are smartphones making us anti-social” which is a rather interesting read.


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