Week 2: 8/03/16

During this weeks tutorial I learn’t about the issue of copyright and how to use this correctly within my blog and assignments. I found this very interesting as I wasn’t sure if my blog or lesson plan infringed on copyright material, I was unaware that the images on the internet were owned by other people and companies. After reading the ‘copyright guidelines for students‘ on Jess’s blog, I liked her idea of creating a checklist to avoid violating future copyright material. I have now figured out how to find images which don’t require a reference. This is the process I discovered,

Step 1: Type in whatever you wanted to Google, select the ‘search tools icon’.

Capture 1

Step 2: Once you have selected the ‘search tools icon’, you select usage rights.

Capture 2

Step 3: The final step includes selecting ‘labeled for noncommercial reuse’. This will present images which don’t require a reference.

Capture 3.PNG

The University of Sydney.(2016). Copyright guide for students. Retrieved 8 March, 2016., from,  http://sydney.edu.au/copyright/students/coursework.shtml




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