Week 1: 1/3/2016

Yesterday, I attended my first lecture and tutorial for EDC3100. This was the first time I’ve ever heard of Diigo and Feedly!!! (Sounds like food). Our first plan of action was to set up our blog, however I came across a few technical obstacles. Firstly, I set up my blog not realising I couldn’t use my USQ email (Ahhh….) I then resorted to using my old  yahoo account, but guess what ??? I forgot my password. Yahoo sent the verification code, but yet again …. I was frustrated by technology or more precisely by the NO cell phone coverage in the building. I had to wait until I was home to finish setting up my blog. So here is my first post. ENJOY!!


One thought on “Week 1: 1/3/2016

  1. Hey Nicole this sounds so much like me. This is also my first blog and I was as surprised as you when I heard the names Diigo and Feedly! I must say these digital resources are a great way to communicate and build a rapport community.


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